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The glass is half-filled with alcohol and half-filled with air - both are necessities to get through life.


I live near London, I work in IT, I amuse myself with various crafts & occasional fanfiction writing, and am on the right side of the hill for tobogganing. I like lipgloss & unnatural nailpolish shades and my hair has now forgotten its original colour.
007, action movies, alex krycek, ancient history, andromeda, anime, antique bakery, assemblage 23, bendy kitten, blake's 7, book club, books, btvs, buffy, cats, chuck, classical mythology, comics, concrete blonde, cooking, crafts, crawford, criminal minds, cupcakes, dark is rising, david weber, dc comics, deadpool, deathstroke, die hard, discworld, dragaera, dresden files, due south, ecology, electronica, elizabeth moon, fake, fanfiction, fantasy, feminism, firefly, fma, from eroica with love, full metal alchemist, gambit, gardening, george manville fenn, georgette heyer, good omens, grosse pointe blank, hannibal, harry dresden, harry potter, hellblazer, hello kitty, hetalia, highlander, history, indiana jones, james bond, japan, jewellery, jim butcher, john marcone, john ringo, johnny cash, jurassic park, leverage, lie to me, lipgloss, lois mcmasters bujold, lord of the rings, lost boys, lotr, love mode, man from uncle, manga, matthew farrell, methos, music, nail polish, ncis, neil gaiman, nightwing, numb3rs, omd, once a thief, opera, origami, painting, paper crafts, permaculture, pern, pet shop of horrors, photography, poetry, poison elves, pyro, r. m. meluch, ray kowalski, reading, rob thurman, rodney mckay, saber rider, saiyuki, saiyuki gaiden, sandman, schuldig, sci-fi, science fiction, seamus harper, sg-1, sg1, sga, sharpe, simon r. green, slash, snark, star trek ds9, star trek reboot, star trek voyager, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, supernatural, swordspoint, tanya huff, tao te ching, taoism, tea, terry pratchett, the chronicles of riddick, torchwood, travel, tsubasa, vampire game, villiers, violet needham, vnv nation, weiss kreuz, white collar, wolverine, writing, x-men, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, youkai world reclamation